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Back to the Future II
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Hand Painted Murals for Movies and TV by Superior Backings

Here at Superior Backings we have created scenic backdrops for hundreds of movies and television shows.. We have over 80 years of experience in the motion picture and television industries. We can create a digital or hand painted backdrop or murals for any size project.
We have worked on many of your favorite movies and shows over the years. Past projects include:
Fat Albert
Roll Bounce
Back to the Future
Blade Runner
Death Becomes Her
A Star is Born
My Fair Lady
Ordinary People
The Goodbye Girl
Summer of '42
Funny Lady
Pretty Woman
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Child's Play 3
Sister Act
Private Benjamin
Two Jakes
The Three Amigos
What's Up Doc
Raging Bull
Rocky II
Alice Doesn't Live Here anymore
Bronco Billy
Coming to America
All the President's Men
Lethal Weapon
Batteries Not Included
Rebel Without a Cause
Oh, God!
Old Man and the Sea
Dick Tracy
The Illustrated Man
Towering Inferno
Cool Hand Luke
The Great Race
Malcolm in the Middle
The High Chaparral
Falcon Crest
Picket Fences
Night Court
The Waltons
The Dukes of Hazard
David Copperfield special
The Emmy Awards
View photos above to see some of the various hand painted murals and scenic effects we have accomplished for popular television shows and movies.
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Law Man

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